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Drought - Don't be caught in the dark, keep up to date with the status of South Africa's surface water storage

by Sean Thornton-Dibb | Nov 27, 2015
UKZN Alumnus (at DHI-SA) were involved with the development of the new National Integrated Water Information System (NIWIS) developed for the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). Keep updated with the status of our surface water storage at a National, Water Management Area (WMA), Primary Catchment or Province level.

National Integrated Water Information System - Surface Water Storage

Also see the drought status page.

The images below show the percentage of storage over the last five years for Midmar Dam, Spring Grove Dam, for the province of KwaZulu-Natal and at a National scale (Updated 2 Jan 2017).
Even though we have had rain in December and early January, it has either been in the wrong areas, i.e not in the catchment areas feeding the major storage dams, or been soaked up by the very dry catchments and had little impact on the rivers supplying the dams.


Images sourced from: http://niwis.dws.gov.za/niwis2/SurfaceWaterStorage

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