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Rainfall just not enough

by Sean Thornton-Dibb | Feb 24, 2016
An article appearing in The Witness and on news24, Rainfall just not enough, by Chelsea Pieterse (2016-02-24) highlights the continued drought, with sobering comments from Professor Mike Savage (UKZN). Of major concern is the apparent lack of awareness of the drought as there has been very little sign of reduction in the demand for water.

An earlier article, Rain - 'no positive impact on Midmar level", by Dumisani Zondi (2016-02-03) also highlighted the severity of the drought and the warning by Umgeni Water that Midmar Dam could reach 10% by the end of the year if restrictions are not implemented.

Below is an image captured from the NIWS system comparing the level of Midmar dam in the previous year with that on the 21st Feb 2016.
Midmar levels showing last year and current year
(After http://niwis.dws.gov.za/niwis2/SurfaceWaterStorage - (Midmar Dam))