Dr David Clark

Tel: +27 33 260 5485

Email: Dr David Clark


Centre for Water Resources Research (CWRR)

Rabie Saunders Building, Room 220C

Agriculture Campus

University of KwaZulu-Natal




Research Fellow


Dr Clark completed his BSc Engineering (Agriculture) degree in 1993 and then went on to complete an MSc Engineering degree in vehicle performance simulation. After graduating he was employed by the University of Natal for four years, lecturing and working on research projects in vehicle performance simulation and hydrological modelling. He spent two years consulting at Land Resources International in the field of agricultural and natural resource management. Since 2004 he has been working at the University of KwaZulu-Natal on Water Research Commission projects related to modelling systems and integrated water resources modelling.


PhD (Ag. Eng), University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2019
BSc Eng (Agric) – University of Natal, 1993
MSc Eng (Cum Laude) – University of Natal, 1996
South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) Bronze Medal for the best final year Agricultural Engineering student in 1993

Current Research Projects

  • Development and Assessment of an Integrated Water Use Quantification Methodology for South Africa (Water Research Commission 2013-2015).

Selected Recent Publications

  • Lorentz, S.A., Kollongei, J., Snyman, N., Berry, S.R., Jackson, W., Ngaleka, K., Pretorius, J.J., Clark, D.J., Thornton-Dibb, S., le Roux, J.J., Germishuyse, T. and Görgens, A.H.M. (Editor) (2012) Modelling Nutrient and Sediment Dynamics at the Catchment Scale. Water Research Commission, Pretoria, South Africa. WRC Report No. 1516/3/12, 113pp.
  • Clark, D.J., Smithers, J.C., Hughes, D.A., Meier, K.B., Summerton, M.J. and Butler, A.J.E. (2009) Design and Development of a Hydrological Decision Support Framework. Water Research Commission, Pretoria, South Africa. WRC Report No. 1490/1/09, 148pp.
  • Moult, N.G., Lecler, N.L., Smithers, J.C. and Clark, D.J. (2009). A Catchment-Scale Irrigation Systems Model For Sugarcane – Part 1: Model Development. Water SA, 35(1): 21-28.
  • Clark, D.J., Hughes, D.A., Meier, K.B. and Smithers, J.C. (2007). Development of a Hydrological Decision Support Framework. Paper presented at the Thirteenth South African National Hydrological Symposium (SANCIAHS), Cape Town, RSA.
  • Lecler, N.L., Clark, D.J., Schulze, R.E., Griffiths, B.A. and Smithers, J.C. (2007). Performance of irrigation systems and water user of sugarcane: A field to catchment scale perspective. Paper presented at the XXVI Conference of International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT), Durban, RSA.
  • Clark, D.J. and Smithers, J.C. (2006). Hydrological Decision Support Framework (HDSF) – Initial Design. Water SA, 32(4): 465-472.
  • Kiker, G.A., Clark, D.J., Martinez, C.J. and Schulze, R.E. (2006). A Java-based, Object-Oriented Modelling System for Southern African Hydrology. Transactions of the ASAE, 49(5): 1419 – 1433.