CWRR at Irrigation Conference in Bali

1-7 September, three UKZN/CWRR representatives attended the prestigious triennial World Irrigation Forum (WIF) and the 70th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) International Executive Council Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

The congress provides a unique platform for practitioners of agricultural water management (AWM) to exchange technical knowledge and information, with the main outcomes to strengthen transdisciplinary research and alignment of policies, and increase involvement of youths within AWM. Bali which is known for its picturesque landscape of rice-field irrigation system called ‘Subak’ -a great example of a self-sustaining farming system, which has been developed to fit perfectly the Balinese landscape and culture. This year’s theme was “Development for Water, Food and Nutrition Security in a Competitive Environment”. Several presentations and breakaway sessions touched on the use of the Water-Energy-Food nexus as a framework for AWM. Prof. Sylvester Mpandeli, Executive manager of the WRC, presented a paper entitled “A model to integrate and assess water-energy-food nexus performance: South Africa case study”, co-authored by CWRR members Dr. Aidan Senzanje and Prof. Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi.

By Vimbayi Chimonyo