Dr Eddie Riddell

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Research Associate


Dr Riddell’s research interests relate to the quantification of hydrological processes in the context of management for ecosystem sustainability. To this end we determine fundamental hydro-ecological processes, such as the role of water in landscape connectivity. Activities include applying modern hydrological research technologies for improved hydrological understanding and management of water scarce river basins and protected areas.


PhD – Wetland Rehabilitation Hydrology, University of KwaZulu-Natal (2011)
MSc – Ecology, University of Wales, Bangor (2002)
BSc (Hons) – Geography & Biology, University of Liverpool (2000)

Current Research Projects

  • A management tool for the Inkomati Basin with focus on improved hydrological understanding for risk-based operational water management (Water Research Commission 2010-2014) . Water Research Commission K5-1935
  • Surface water, groundwater and vadose zone interactions in selected pristine catchments in the Kruger National Park (Water Research Commission 2011-2014). Water Research Commission K5-2051
  • The effect of long-term fire frequency and season treatments on the soil hydraulic properties and soil water balance within semi-arid savannas in the Kruger National Park (Water Research Commission 2012-2014). Water Research Commission K5-2146

Selected Recent Publications

  • Riddell, ES., Pollard, SR., Mallory, S., Sawunyama, T. (in press, 2013) A methodology for historical assessment of compliance with environmental water allocations: Lessons from the Crocodile (East) River, South Africa. Hydrological Sciences Journal Special Issue: Hydrological Science for Environmental Flows
  • Strydom, T., Riddell, ES., Govender, N., Lorentz, S. (2013) The effect of long term fire treatments on unsaturated hydraulic conductivities and soil compaction in semi-arid savannas in Kruger National Park, South Africa. FLAMMA 5(2) 89-91.
  • Riddell, ES., Lorentz, S., Ellery, W. et al. (2013). Water Table Dynamics of a Severely Eroded Wetland System, Prior to Rehabilitation, Sand River Catchment, South Africa. IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology No. 18: Groundwater and Ecosystems. CRC Press.
  • Smit, IPJ., Riddell, ES., Cullum, C., Peterson, R (2013) Kruger National Park Research Supersites: Long-term research sites to facilitate cross-disciplinary multi-scale learning in a data-rich environment. Koedoe 55(1), doi: 10.4102/koedoe.v55i1.1107
  • Riddell, ES., Everson, C., Clulow, A., Mengistu, M (2013) The hydrological characterisation and water budget of a South African rehabilitated headwater wetland system. Water SA 39(1), 57-66
  • Riddell, ES, Khan, A, Mauck, B, Ngcobo, S, Pasi, J, Pickles, A, Pickles,J., Sithole, Z., Lorentz, SA., Govender, N (2012) Preliminary assessment of the impact of long-term fire treatments on in-situ soil hydrology in the Kruger National Park. Koedoe 54(1), doi:10.4102/koedoe.v54i1.1070
  • Riddell, ES., Lorentz, SA., Kotze, DC. (2012) The hydrodynamic response of a semi-arid headwater wetland to technical rehabilitation interventions. Water SA 38(1), 55-66
  • Riddell, ES., Lorentz, SA., Kotze, DC. (2010) A geophysical analysis of hydro-geomorphic controls within a headwater wetland in a granitic landscape, through ERI and IP. Hydrol. Earth. Syst. Sci., 14, 1697-171