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Graham Jewitt, Catharine Hughes and others currently have a paper in press by Ecosystem Services, presenting how hydrological modelling is used to promote protection and rehabilitation of ecological infrastructure for improved water quality in two South African catchments. Read the paper here!
Stefanie Schütte and Prof. Roland Schulze have a paper out in the Journal of Environmental Management on the projected impacts of urbanisation on hydrological resource flows using uMngeni Catchment as a case study. Read it here!
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems published this paper by Dr. Nick Rivers-Moore and others, titled “Small dams need consideration in riverscape conservation assessments”.
Feroza Morris, Dr. Michele Warburton Toucher, Dr. Alistair Clulow, Samuel Kusangaya, Dr. Craig Morris and Dr. Hartley Bulcock, published a paper in Water SA, on rainfall distribution and characterization in Cathedral Peak using a geo-statistical technique. The paper can be found here!
The South African Journal of Botany published a paper by Dr. Alistair Clulow and others on sap flow rates in indigenous trees in gold mining sites in central South Africa.
Dr. Rebecka Malinga co-authored a conceptual paper in Ecosphere, on “How spatial scale shape the generation and management of multiple ecosystem services”. Find it here!
Dr. Macdex Mutema, Dr Pauline Chivenge and others wrote a paper on “Changes in carbon and nutrient fluxes from headwaters to ocean in a mountainous temperate to subtropical basin” in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. It’s here to read!
In the Journal (Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment) is this published paper by Dr. Macdex Mutema and others, on the response of atmospheric carbon sequestration to different crop types.
Dr. Nick Rivers-Moore and others mapped over 1700 wetlands in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality using manual digitisation and logistic regression modelling. Their work was published by Wetlands Ecology and Management. Read the paper here!
Prof. Simon Lorenz and others have written an article about the new branch of science, Hydropedology, which offers exciting research opportunities in South Africa. Their article was published in May/June 2017 by WRC’s magazine Water Wheel.
Prof. Roland Schulze and Dr. Sabine Stuart-Hill have an article in New Water Policy and Practice where they share their “Reflections on the Framework of Water Governance in South Africa”.
In press at Environmental Development is a publication by Simphiwe Ngcobo and Prof. Graham Jewitt on the impacts of sugarcane production on water resources in Southern Africa. Read it here!
Published in South African Geographical Journal is this article by Dr. Alistair Clulow, Prof. Colin Everson, Dr. Michael Mengistu and others, titled “Evapotranspiration from mine-affected riparian sites along the Vaal River in central South Africa”.
Prof. Graham Jewitt, Dr. Michele Warburton Toucher and others have a paper out at Water Science, about ACRU hydrological model suitability in a rainforest catchment in Ghana.
Shaeden Gokool, Dr. Eddie Ridell, Kershani Tinisha Chetty and others, have quantified riparian evaporation along the Groot Letaba River and had their paper published in Journal of Arid Environments. Read the paper here!
Prof. Roland Schulze and others contributed to a WRC technical research report titled “Vulnerability, Adaptation to and Coping with Drought: The Case of Commercial and Subsistence Rain Fed Farming in the Eastern Cape” (Ed. A.J. Jordan).
Dr. Richard Meissner and others have a new publication in The international journal of Water Governance on a dialogue between scientists and policy makers regarding a sediment research project in the Olifants River, South Africa. The article can be found here!
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences published this article by Bruce Scott-Shaw, Prof. Colin Everson and Dr. Alistair Clulow, titled “Water-use dynamics of an alien-invaded riparian forest within the Mediterranean climate zone of the Western Cape, South Africa”.
Prof. Roland Schulze, Dr. Sabine Stuart-Hill and others assessed water resources and water services frameworks through the lens of OECD Principles on Water Governance in their article published in Water International.
Dr. Edward Ridell and others have a paper on sediment trap efficiency of intermittently dry reservoirs in Kruger National Park. The paper was published by Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.
Dr. Nick Rivers-Moore and colleagues propose an adaptive freshwater conservation planning strategy by incorporating stream connectivity and thermal vulnerability. Read their paper in Journal of Hydrology.

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