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CWRR Staff - Member

Ms Kershani Tinisha Chetty

Position:                                Lecturer of Hydrology and CWRR Operations Manager

Discipline:                             Hydrology

Centre:                                   Centre for Water Resources Research (CWRR)

School:                                   School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Campus:                                 Agriculture Campus

Room no./Building:              Room 205 Rabie Saunders Building

Telephone:                             +27 33 260-6027




Ms Chetty has been employed at UKZN for twenty five years, of which the last nineteen years have been in the position of a full time lecturer in Hydrology at the School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences. She is the Academic Co-ordinator of the Hydrology Programme and Operations Manager of the CWRR. Research interests include hydrological modelling, design hydrology and the use of Earth Observation and remote sensing technology for water resources management. She is currently registered for a PhD in linking remotely sensed (satellite based) fluxes in the hydrological cycle (rainfall, ET and Soil moisture ) to hydrological models.


MSc (Hydrology), University of KwaZulu-Natal.
BSc Honours (Hydrology), University of Natal.
BSc (Chemistry & Hydrology) University of Natal.
Best Lecturer Award (2010) – School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology
Best Lecturer Award (2011) – School of Bioresources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology

Current Research Projects

  • DUPC: EO for Water Resources Modelling Online Training Courses: WATERNET
  • Realisation of a system for producing annual water resource accounts: Part of Project team
  • Development of an operational Flood monitoring system: Part of Project Team

Five recent publications

  • S Gokool, E Riddell, C Jarmain, K Chetty, G Feig, H Thenga. 2019. Evaluating the accuracy of satellite-derived evapotranspiration estimates acquired during conditions of water stress. International Journal of Remote Sensing 41 (2), 704-724.
  • S Gokool, ES Riddell, JM Nel, R Raubenheimer, T Strydom, A Swemmer, K Chetty. 2019. Quantifying the contribution of riparian total evaporation to streamflow transmission losses: Preliminary investigations along the Groot Letaba river. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Parts A/B/C 114, 102805.
  • S Suleman, KT Chetty, DJ Clark, E Kapangaziwiri. 2020. Assessment of satellite-derived rainfall and its use in the ACRU agro-hydrological model. Water SA 46 (4), 547-557.
  • Gokool, S, Moody, JE, Nippert, J, Swemmer, A, Chetty, KT, Magombeyi, M and Riddell, ES. 2021. A preliminary evaluation of ecohydrological separation in a semi-arid riparian area. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology.
  • Peerbhai, T., Chetty, K.T., Clark, D.J. and Gokool, S. 2022. Estimating evapotranspiration using earth observation data: A comparison between hydrological and energy balance modelling approaches. Journal of Hydrology Volume 613, Part A.  Article 128394.