Dr Stefanie Schütte

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Centre for Water Resources Research (CWRR)

Agriculture Campus

University of KwaZulu-Natal




Research Fellow and PhD Candidate


Stefanie currently works at UKZN as a Researcher, and works on various externally funded research projects. Her focus is on climate change adaptation in agriculture, as well as on hydrological ecosystem services and hydrological flows through the landscape. Her work includes hydrological modelling, GIS applications and advanced data analysis.

After graduating in Germany in 1992, Stefanie worked as an Assistant at Reutlingen University. In 1994 she took up a job offer in South Africa. She worked as a Dyehouse Laboratory Manager in a large textile processing company. She then moved into the chemical industry, and held the positions of Technical Sales Engineer and Business Unit Manager. In 2003, Stefanie left full time employment to raise a family. During that time she started and chaired a Conservancy Association, got involved with indigenous landscaping, alien plant eradication and managing a wildlife estate. She joined UKZN in 2011 to do her MSc in Hydrology, titled “Linkages between selected hydrological ecosystem services and land use changes, as indicated by hydrological responses”. She is employed with the University since 2013.


PhD (Bioresources Systems)
MSc (Hydrology)
BSc Chemical Engineering (Hon), University Reutlingen, Germany

Current Research Projects

  • Handbook for Farmers on Climate Change adaptation (Funded by DAFF)
  • Long-term adaptation Scenarios: Projected Changes to Streamflows under Climate Changed Conditions
  • Hydrological ecosystem services
  • Hydrological flows through the landscape
  • Climate Change Adaptation: Water for Growth and Development. WRC Project 1965